Sunday, September 21, 2008

club dada september 20

last night's show at club dada
was one of my all-time favorites
there was a serious party going on right in front of us
while we played
bob jammed on his keyboard and a mob
sang and danced
and smiled
the noise was like a well-oiled machine
ploughing through my back catalogue of songs
with power efficiency and finesse
the love the audience sent back our way
was so beautiful
and touching
especially in light
of some of the bad things swirling around our lives
over these past few weeks
i was using in ear monitors for the very first time
and i had a near religious experience
i can't even begin to describe how cool it was
the music was right there in my head
like i've always wanted it to be
not a second wasted on these usual thoughts
"i wish i could hear my voice..."
"it would be really nice to hear what chords i'm playing..."
i was able to thoroughly lose myself in the moment
it was unlike any show i've ever played
it's what i'd like to achieve every time
i plug in a guitar
or step up to a microphone
but it's spoiled so many times
by the dodgy onstage sound
even the slightest thing wrong
and i'm unable to transcend
last night i transcended...
thanks a million to tom bridwell
for bringing his in-ears for me to check out
i've seen the light now
and i'm never going back to the caveman way
of floor monitors
those things are like a doctor bleeding someone with a leech
in comparison to the in-ears

so now my friends
guitar center is calling my name
i have a purchase to make!!!


Blogger j.d.w... said...

I imagine they provide a certain amount of protection as well? I look forward to discussing.

Ears ringing,


1:05 PM  

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