Thursday, September 11, 2008

burn after reading

i just want to say
thank you
so many friends have come out of the woodwork
to show their love and support
for us
we love you for it

anyway...on a different subject
over the past couple of days
jayme and i have been listening to
eckhart tolle's book
"a new earth"
sarah jane lent it to us
before she left on her brave adventure
tolle's book is amazing
we're only 3 cds in
of 8
and we've both been completely riveted
so far it's dealt mainly with
the ego and the insanity and chaos
it creates for us
i highly recommend it
to any
and everyone

eckhart tolle believes that humanity needs
to make a shift of consciousness in order to
save ourselves and the planet
to make a "saner more loving world"

my favorite quote is this:
"if the history of humanity were the clinical
case history of a single human being, the
diagnosis would have to be: chronic paranoid
delusions, a pathological propensity to commit
murder, and acts of extreme violence and cruelty
with a few brief moments of lucidity."

it's a powerful book
go get it
read it
spread the word




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