Sunday, September 14, 2008

wreckless E

i woke up feeling great this morning
a lot of good news this weekend
but also a lot of R and R
i'm going back to austin one more time
to tweak "constellation" just a bit
with lars
then it'll be officially finished!
tapete has already set May '09
as the european release date
i know exactly what i want to do now
i'm ready
but not waiting
or thinking too much about it
before i set this plan up
i was spending a little too much time
obsessing on the little things about this record
that were bothering me
i've let go of that now...
G money and i have spent a pleasant sunday
doing absolutely NOTHING
the weather is perfect
sunny and not too warm
not a cloud in sight
we went for a walk
kicked the soccer ball in the backyard
played tickle fall-downing
ate peaches and poptarts
sang some songs
sang some more songs
and had a "combursation"
my mind is clear
i'm in the moment
no racing thoughts
or distractions
nothing elese matters but this day
spent with my 5 year old son
i wish J didn't have to work and could've joined us!

i saw the legendary wreckless eric friday night
at the all-good
his debut album hangs on the wall of pleasantry lane
a stiff records classic
30 years later he's still doing it
not for fame or fortune
but outta love for music
he played with his wife amy rigby
and watching them both have the time of their lives
was one of the most inspiring things
i'd seen in ages
i bought his autobiography a dysfunctional success
after the show
i'm 50 pages in and it's great
very funny
and colorful
in person he was really genuine
and kind
he told me about the revox
a tape machine they bounced all the records down to
in the stiff days
he still even uses it now
he also invited me and the family to the south of france to play
their town bar
next time i make it back to europe
i think i'm gonna try to do this
i know it would be a wonderful experience
between meeting him
and squeeze's john bentley last week
i guess i had more than my fair share
of good times
with the 1978 set
they both left me with such a good feeling...
p.s. do yourself a favour
and go buy wreckless eric's "donovan of trash"
or "big smash"
"eastside story" from squeeze - producer by el catzu
is also an all-time classic with some of john bentley's best


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