Tuesday, September 30, 2008

headless salim impersonates chicken

it's been a frantic week
as the economy threatens to crash
i've been running around doing my headless chicken routine
working like mad
but i still can't seem to pay all of our bills
$500 dollars worth of medicine today
so i can get rid of the H pylori
4 new tires for jayme's car
and a slew of other expenses pouring in
i guess i'm worth 1.5 million right?
so it shouldn't be too hard to find a way to pay them all
the good news is
i've got all kinds of projects coming in
and on the horizon it looks great
if all goes well
2009 could end up being PL's best yet
hopefully the impending gloom and doom
won't crush our little recording studio
jayme has a busy month ahead too
but we still make it month to month
we can never get ahead
just like so many others i guess
i can't help but wonder if
god forbid
i ever got sick
and couldn't work for a long while
what on earth would we do?
i guess i shouldn't think those thoughts...

ciphers came in the mail friday
it turned out very nice
jayme's cover painting is awesome
and if you happen to show up to one of my october
residency shows
at the city tavern (starting this thursday)
i might be able to let you pick one up
before the official "cd release" show
on october 25
at the granada
(ssshhhh...i didn't just tell you that, it's a secret)
i've got the cd buying bug myself lately
it's been awhile since i last had it
a long time actually
but the new wreckless eric/amy rigby
is good
and i think i'm gonna get chris difford's latest
and tim roger's "hysteria of luxury"
salim vs. shibboleth is inching along
we cut two new old ones
"sorry seems to be the hardest word"
"the things we do for love"
now i just need to find the time to record vocals
for the new ones
this record is going to be very nice

there's a great bill at dada this thursday
the 1st anju gill presents show
3 of dallas' finest young songwriters
jacob metcalf
sammy strittmatter
philip creamer
i actually recommend that you go to that
and support these great
up and coming writers
over going to my C.T. show
i'll be there all month afterall
once we get around to finishing it


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