Friday, October 03, 2008


i'm gonna go political on your a#$%$ now
i've never used this forum to discuss much of anything
in this realm
i try to avoid this stuff
like the plague
but i gotta get this off my chest
as it's been killing me
i don't blame you one bit
if you wanna fast forward this one
and wait for my next entry
corpus christmas is coming soon
and i assure you
it will be much more entertaining than this one
so if you know what i'm about to say
and it's gonna annoy you
maybe you should get out while the gettin's good?
i do want to say to you though
with all sincerity
and love
if you don't agree with me that's ok
i still love you
hopefully you still love me
we're still friends
we can agree to disagree
it's only politics
and politics suck

so here it goes...

i am completely aghast at the gruesome twosome
of john mccain and sarah palin
i keep waiting for someone to tell me it's all a bad dream
or a joke
how could anyone (mccain?) with an ounce of good sense put a
soul-less imbecile like sarah palin one heart attack
away from being president?
especially considering j.m. is no spring chicken
and looks like he could keel over any second
who is next for V.P.?
paris hilton?
britney spears?
they're almost as well-qualified
and i think we could at least have a party
while the titanic goes under
palin's nomination is literally insanity
i look into her vacant eyes
and see a soul-less barbie doll
forget politics
this person is twisted and horrible
i wouldn't trust her to bake cookies
john mccain
almost as bad
a cold fucked up man
uncomfortable in his own skin
and dead inside
this man has no compassion
he's almost a robot
where's r2-d2 when we need him?
forget who is on the "other" side
satan could be running for the democrats
for all i care and he'd still look pretty good compared to these two
look, i've never been a republican
or a democrat
i don't believe in either
i think bi-partisan politics mania is threatening to destroy
our country
to me it's not about red or blue
palin is not even fit to run the local chapter of
the girlscouts
nonetheless be PRESIDENT!!
john mccain was tortured for 6 years
and he thinks that's a selling point
for being voted in as the big cheese?
all i see is a man in dire need of LOTS of therapy
with a history of violence
that runs so deep in his veins
that he will do nothing but spread the curse
of warmongering and death

god help us if they win


Blogger j.d.w... said...

What bothers me the most about it all, is I look around and see good people - people I love, FAMILY! - buying into this shit and it makes me really sad. Sad not because the machine works (because Madison Ave. proved that a long time ago). Sad because the machine works on THEM. People who raised me for crying out loud. People I thought had good sense and sound judgement swept up into it. And once they get caught up in the machine, there's nothing you can do to reason with them. The whole thing stinks.

8:03 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

Fortunately McCain and Palin seem to be sinking. And the more they talk and show themselves, the more they show of themselves, the deeper they sink. Glub, glub....Glub.

9:31 AM  
Anonymous BobB said...

I was checking out Rahim's web site because I really like the CD he recorded at PL, and then got directed here back to your blog, and saw ths post. I agree, for reasons that are the same and different, and there is so much more to it than a few words can express. God help us if the win. We may be saying the same thing about Obama one day, but there is no alternative this time around. El Paso Bob.

8:58 AM  

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