Saturday, October 18, 2008

just the facts

ciphers from snowing cd release show
at the granada theater saturday october 25th
with the noise
ian moore
the lifters
we play at 9pm
$14 GA
17 and up

city tavern
the next 2 thursdays
with eric and tj

constellation is going to be mastered
in NYC later this month
the release date in europe is march '09
united states release uncertain
as i have no current label here

buttercup is coming up from SA
to start working with me on their
next cd

rachel bazooka is almost done
stu dicious is just beginning (again)
whisky folk ramblers and
chatterton continue the ft. worth explosion
vanessa peters continues the italian invasion

billy harvey is planning to move to california

mccartney said the road is long and winding

lefler is still on the road

G money is still 5

i haven't finished a song since May
i don't care - there's no need to

i'm planning on retiring from making more "salim" records
until i find a way to sell constellation
and the rest of my back catalogue

i have been rejected by 3 american indie labels so far
i am undeterred

ASCAP finally wrote me a check for over $35
i smiled when i cashed it

i have stopped buying trouser press magazines on ebay
but i am still watching the wonderful world of wreckless eric
on green vinyl

i have already let the dave little meltdown down

i haven't run in 2 days

we're having pizza at mom and dad's house tomorrow
pizza is one of my favorite foods


Blogger Ron said...

Went to Ireland's Pub to see my friends play tonight. The place was too crowded, couldn't get a front table, couldn't see. My friend that I met there was sick and left early. I left shortly after.

Daniel is still 7.

Emma will be 2 on the 26th.

She was having a lot of intestinal pain tonight -- again.

I haven't run in 15 years.

Don't stop writing. Write on the 12 string.

My first published novel was rejected by over 300 publishers. My second by over 100.

I won an ASCAP songwriting contest once.

I want more Salim records. I need my fix.

I can't eat pizza because I can't eat cheese.

1:37 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

March 9th was my ex-wife's birthday (Jesse's mom). She committed suicide.

1:44 AM  

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