Sunday, November 09, 2008

opening bell mosaic

i've been enjoying a near perfect weekend
last night's show at the opening bell mosaic
was another really good one
it was a superb bill
bob g. from flat people played 1st
his songs "for the birds"
and "abandoned" (a new one) were amazing
i think he's one the best unsung songwriters around
brent adair played 2nd
he'd made the trip up from austin
i'd heard of him through billy
who produced his last cd
brent's set was great too
and he couldn't have been a nicer guy
i'm looking forward to doing more shows with him in the future
the new opening bell location is just what dallas needed
it's already the best acoustic venue in town
excellent sound
cool mod decore
nice employees
you could hear a pin drop while each of us played
the audience was awesome

today i woke up feeling great
an email from bo in sweden saying he picked up beautiful noise
at a record fair and loved it
was a nice way to start
i poured G a bowl of kix
and after jayme woke up we all watched some spongebob
in bed
then i kind of went on a domestic tear
i did some laundry
watered the plants
emptied the dishwasher
did more laundry
went out to my studio and opened it up
put on some babybird and gave the whole thing a thorough cleaning
sorted out the mess of mic cables in the tracking room
put away all the ciphers and live at PL cds jim sent me
then i watched jayme bond with sam the squirrel
who she's been domesticating with sunflower seeds
she's almost gotten to the point where he'll let her pet him
G and i went for a walk
the weather was absolutely perfect
we held hands
and sat in front of his favorite stop
the "castle house"
i got lost in the moment
enjoying every bit of this time spent
with my delightful 5 year old son
after our walk we all went up the street
and had lunch at a new place called quesa-d-ya's
it was really good
i hope they put a patio out front so they can stay in business
i think a lot more people would eat there if they had that
anyway we'd been hoping for a good fast food tex-mex joint to come
back to our neighbourhood
G liked the chips
jayme and i liked the fresh salsa
the whole day was perfect really
i worked a little in the evening with stu dicious
we finished up his e.p.
it felt good to knock another record on the head
"constellation" got mastered by dave mcnair
in NYC on wednesday
i've been listening all weekend to make sure it was ok
the verdict is that it's
tomorrow masterdisk will send a cop off to germany
so they can go ahead and press the promos
it's a great feeling i have about this record
another beautiful experience making music
with one of my friends
(who also happens to be another one of my genius friends)
i know how lucky i am
trust me
i'm glad to be alive
there's nowhere i'd rather be than right here
right now
this is a beautiful life i have
i'm grateful for every second of it



p.s. don't forget this saturday at club dada is the anju gill megabill
10 bands on 2 stages
see myspace for details!!


Blogger Ron said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're happy and things are good, and that your Sunday was so nice. It puts a smile on my face. I'm watching Elmo with Emma. She's hugging her Elmo and laughing. Both kids are home from school today for the holiday. Have you seen Billy's new videos? Interesting.
Your friend -- Ron
PS Emma just accidentally dialed 911 and they called back to tell me they're sending police cars over. I had to tell them it was my daughter and they cancelled the cars. The joys of parenthood.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Ron said...

I listened to Brent's new album on Rhapsody. Very enjoyable. I even ordered a copy.

11:19 AM  

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