Sunday, October 26, 2008

moore rock'n'roll days

i was backstage at the granada last night
hanging out
and waiting to play
when a guy popped out of ian moore's
dressing room
and said
"hey - i'm ian...would you be up for playing a tune with us?"
i was pretty surprised
no one had ever asked me to do that before
i'm sure i looked a bit bewildered
i said "sure!"
so ian grabbed a couple of guitars
from the dressing room
and we ducked outside to "practice"
the lifters had just finished their set (which was great!)
this band has so many brilliant tunes
i almost felt jealous...
anyway we were up next
so i only had a few minutes to learn this song
before i had to go on
i'd heard a lot of nice things about ian
over the years from mutual acquaintances
everything i'd heard was dead on
he's a super cool and friendly person
really smart too
we instantly got to yacking
so by the time i had to go i only had about a minute
to skim the chord changes with ian
my set with the noise was really nice
hank bentley did a great job filling in for holt
who was in austin with olospo
the crowd was mainly seated
which is usually a bit weird
but it didn't bother me a bit
buttercup showed up so i wanted to do ok
we'd spent the last couple of days holed up
in pleasantry lane recording what i already know
is gonna be one of the best cds i've ever produced
they're an amazing band

ian's entire crew were so nice
the vibe from all of them was great
and his bass player matt helped me through the changes
when it was time to join them onstage
we had a great time playing this doug sahm tune
i'd never heard before!
another wonderful experience

i woke up this morning physically worn out
but really happy
jayme went to her soccer game
and gavin and i went for a walk
the weather was perfect
blue sky
nice gentle breeze
G held my hand
we went our usual route
down the block
and around
we sat and rested for awhile on the steps of the "castle house"
no thoughts in my head other than taking in this beautiful moment
with my son
i wanted it to last forever
we got home and sat on the front steps
"watching the world go by"
then gavin rolled the pumpkin into a couple of different
and ran out to the side walk to see where it "looked best"
erik texted and said buttercup were ready to meet us at the
as we headed to meet them G and i rolled down all the windows in the car
and sang some songs together
lunch was fun
we saw our friends kenneth and "too much mustache"
gavin had the usual
milk and a short stack of pancakes
i had an egg sandwhich with spicy mayo
that was great
the buttercup guys are all so nice
and talented
definitely one of the most talented bands i've ever
had the pleasure to work with
after lunch we headed back to the studio
for another day of recording


Blogger Daniel said...

That's cool you are producing Buttercup. I was pretty blown away by them at your last Sons gig!

3:46 PM  

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