Thursday, November 20, 2008

delusions of grandeur

the anju gill show saturday was amazing
i'd never seen more people packed into club dada
it made me proud of dallas music
and proud of YOU for supporting it
thank you to everyone who attended
and performed
we have a lot to feel good about...

the day before the show i was gripped by the random idea
to go back through the SN vaults
and cull the best material for a double disc 24 song explosion
which i'll call
delusions of grandeur
i've got so many tracks that have been sitting
and waiting
some of them are even favorites of mine
like the 1st recording i ever made with john dufilho
"dancing fool"
"stick you (on the way down)" which was done during the
avoid danger sessions and features the primal scream
d.o.g. is gonna be a sprawling mess of a record
every hair outta place
badly in need of a bath
and new shoes
i can hardly wait
i picture it loud and clear already
the running order
the cover
it's gonna start out with jayme making her one and only appearance
on any of my songs
get ready
it's not what you think
she's not singing!

it feels like i'm about to start a new chapter
so i guess cleaning house is in order
delusions feels like part of that house cleaning
to get anything that's been laying around
collecting dust
out of the cupboards
many of my talented friends dedicated hours and hours
and days of their lives
to come over here and record these songs of mine
so the least i can do is eventually release them!

so that's it for now
delusions of grandeur speeding your way
look for it's release sometime in '09
after constellation


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genius at work

4:27 AM  

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