Sunday, December 14, 2008


on the horizon
wasn't it all just here last year?
we went on a drive tonight
to see the lights
so peaceful
and beautiful
our son is in kid bliss
i watch him with a combination of pure joy and envy
we're so lucky to have this life
we're so lucky to have each other
i want to hang out to every second we have together
but then it's gone
rolled on to the next
and the next and the next
now here i am again
sitting at this desk
in the dark
clickity clickity clack
on the keyboard
i feel rusty
it's been too long
but then again
it was just the other day
sometimes it feels like i'm holding my breath
waiting for the bottom to drop out
things are too good
i'm too happy
i'm not used to all of this
it was a long slow road to get here
can i please stay for as long as possible?

art conspiracy #4 was last week
it's hard to believe
i remember #1
like it was just last week
the texas theater
the polaroids
now it's all a blurp on flickr
at #4 jayme had to have this one painting by mark nelson
i gotta admit
it was pretty spectacular
now it's hanging in our hallway
buttercup rolled in on sunday
we spent all day working on their magnificence record
it's gonna be one of the best ones i've ever had a hand in
i promise "it's in the way"
"consensus chalice"
"i am a tiger"
that's right
i am
then we all went up to barley house around 9
to make a racket
for 3 years plus i've been mumbling and grumbling
about losing the "old barley"
i even stopped playing the NBH
because i didn't like the way it sounded
my boycott is finally over
our set sunday was the most fun i've had there since it opened
with a new direction aimed at bringing our onstage volume down
we had one of the most sonically enjoyable sets
in ages
i even played acoustic guitar
and could hear myself sing
it was almost a christmas miracle
joe reyes
from the b-cup
joined us
there were moments where we transcended
that's the feeling i always want when i play
but rarely achieve
so my friends from san antonio then took the bar by the heart
they serenaded
and rocked
they smiled
and were serious
they gave me back my favorite place to play
the place i've been missing for years
for one night
it was as good as it ever was
on henderson
in fact
it was even better
so we're gonna do it again in january
when they come back up
put saturday the 31st on your calendar
it's gonna be great

there's a lot of things coming up fast
promos of constellation in the mail
the pleasantry lane christmas party at dada
on wednesday
rhett miller and his solo record in january
my first house concert
the noise at the granada in january
winslow's cd release
tour plans
i finally got a haircut
am i really ready for christmas?
the days are flying past at an alarming rate
every morning feels like groundhog day
i hear sonny and cher singing along as i pour
G's morning cereal
all i wanna do is slow them down
but i can't
it never works that way
for any of us
it's the best of times for me
life can't get any better
but then
all of a sudden
it does

another new year is just around the bend
wasn't i just doing this bit the other day?
wasn't i just 5 waiting for christmas
wondering what i was gonna get on that special day
caught up in the wonder of it all
it sure feels like it...
does it to you?




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