Sunday, November 30, 2008

the nourallah weekend update

friday night i played joey's supper club
in aubrey
it was the closest i've come to denton
in 2 years
by staying out of the city limits
i guess i avoided the curse!
joey's is a cozy little acoustic venue
on 380
we had a great time
our hosts treated jayme gavin and i
(plus lisa and lee)
like royalty
the food was phenomenal
in fact
i wish this place was closer to our house
their authentic italian food kicked the living daylights
out of my favorite places down here
i'd be hanging out there all the time
joey (see picture) even made a couple of our appetizers himself!

saturday morning we went to the spiral diner
in oak cliff
it's a vegan diner
with exceptional food
and a great retro decor
s.j.s. recommended the tacos
which aren't on the menu
they were ridiculously good
after eating we wandered around the bishop's arts district
i gotta say
i was a bit disappointed
not really anything i was very interested in
and a couple of stores that left me wondering
how on earth they're gonna stay in business
we had fun
and it felt like we were in a different city entirely
which was cool
at least they're trying to get something going there
that's out of the norm

it was another wonderful weekend
and i enjoyed every second of it
the viscious pink art show
rhoti grill with L and L
"let the right one in" at the angelika
then buzzbrew's today
with a bonus jd/amanda hangout
this afternoon we worked on jayme's squirrel house
went for a run (which felt GREAT after 3 days of non-stop eating!)
then we pulled all our christmas boxes out of the attic
and went to town
4 hours of nourallah family christmas fun
nate king cole sang some mellow christmas tunes
as we put up and decorated our tree
seeing how happy it made J and G was the best part of my entire week
i wish i could've bottled the moment forever
to always be able to go back to
videotape just isn't enough...

at 8 eric tj and rich showed up
for a 2 hour rehearsal
we practiced songs off of constellation
for the 1st time
"western hills"
"stranger in my own skin"
"be here now"
"don't mind me"
"pictures collected"
and "saint georges"
the band absolutely blew me away
i don't remember ever feeling more energized
after a practice
they instantly made all the intricate parts on the record come to life
and the new blueprint was finally brought to fruition

i can't wait to start playing shows in this format
i guess i won't have ot wait long though
the 1st one is this sunday at barley house!!


Blogger grace vroom said...

AH! your fam is the best. i can't believe all the new tunes i'm missing...i really can't wait to see all of you in a couple of weeks!

9:02 PM  

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