Tuesday, December 23, 2008

almost christmas

2 days until christmas
the weather outside is actually
but the mood in here
positively delightful
gavin has filled our lives with pure christmas joy
i can hardly wait to see his little face light up
on christmas morning
when he races to the tree
it negates the other family drama and b.s.
and i'm thankful for that
5 is a great age for christmas!!
yesterday he went to grandma's and baked cookies
while i spent one more long day in the studio
trying to pay for christmas
after this afternoon i'll have a couple of days off
i think i may just sit catatonic on the couch
drooling like a retarded elf

jayme and i started watching "house of saddam" on
HBO last night
it's really well done
and we're already glued to it
it made me think (again) of what ambition does
to people (not the inspiration for the ambition post but certainly
twisting them into a paranoid ball of destruction
how messed up is it to go from being the big cheese
to dangling at the end of a rope?
i suppose life can turn on you in a split second
no matter how "powerful" or untouchable anyone thinks they are
so it's christmas
and this horrible war is still going on
all the soldiers over there
away from their families
some not knowing if they'll ever be back
i can't even imagine this feeling
it just sounds like pure horror to me
i don't expect the war to end just because obama is in
but at least there might be a shred of hope now
i'm gonna do a song and dance routine for sure when GW gets the boot
i can hardly wait
can you?
it's gonna be like christmas 'round here
all over again!


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