Wednesday, December 31, 2008

farewell to '08!!!!!

i've got no complaints with '08
at least my family didn't lose anyone close to us
and we seemed to make it through an even keeled year
full of good times
it might've even been one of our best years yet
i got to do what i love to do
spend lots of time with J and G
record record el recordo
with lots of talented musicians
many of whom i'm honored to call my friends
i even got to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine
to go make a record outside of my own studio
with a person i greatly admire
i'm rolling into '09 feeling better than ever
pleasantry lane is pumping full throttle
we're starting rhett miller's next solo record on monday
and finishing up a bunch of really good cds
so if i look back over this past year
what comes to mind?

wrapping up old 97s blame it on gravity in january
jayme's great cover painting
stopping the presses to change the album title
(at the last minute)
the fate lions and how quickly time flies when i'm working on good music
eastwood with gunshots and good times
becky middleton and getting to know all the awesome
musicians in her circle (aaron haynes, scott lee and the rest of the gang)
the spring standards and their youthful enthusiasm
owen obel and his kindness
rahim quazi's brilliant "supernatural"
rachel bazooka and their psychedelic friendship
the dirty birds and their great singing and songs
the fabulous new studio desk that rip and brent spent 5 months building
philip creamer and his amazing voice (plus songs that make me think of my favorite bands all rolled up into one!!)
winslow bright and her determination and spirit
johnny citizen with a free pass to let my musical imagination roam
dave little who is truly "badass" and always makes me feel better when he's around
buttercup and their unbelievable talent
vanessa peters and manuel schicchi with transcontinental recording and friendship
the whiskey folk ramblers one-of-a-kind stew of cajun lounge punckabilly gumbo
chatterton and replacementsesque rock'n'roll with great guitar playing
i got to work on so many great projects this year
(if i missed anyone - i'm sorry - i'm racing to write this before sleep time!)
there were so many great shows too
filled with beautiful moments
the anju gill megabill in november where the cut-off (in particular) shined brightly
the pleasantry lane christmas party (fraulein elf jayme, pancho and the PL gang)
re-claiming barley house with joe reyes and buttercup on a sunday night in december
the sons of hermann dvd shoot in august (where's the dvd b.g.?!!)
billy's house concert and the harvey live anthology (grow garden grow is genius)
bob s. at gruene hall and the jumping crowd
the return of club dada and ben tapia
threadgill's austin with vanessa and manuel
the granada with ian moore
the city tavern marathon in october
G started school and loved it
obama whipped the gruesome twosome
well this aging rocker is tired now
so with that
i bid each and every one of you a happy new year
with as much love and good fortune as you can stand




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(sigh) i love a happy post :o) -ce

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