Thursday, January 15, 2009

the sorcerer and his magic axe

i thought it would fun to run billy through
the songs in the same order we had tackled them
the previous week
"refusing temptation" was up first
he worked on it for about 3 hours
i think it turned out beautifully
particularly the acoustic guitar part he ran through his amplifier
with a delay effect on
after that rhett took us for some indian food
it was nice to get out of the studio
even though i love the studio
"like love" was on the agenda when we got back
and i've got to admit
it's kind of a bear
meaning - it's difficult!!!!!
billy worked on it for almost as long as it took us
to nail down the drums and bass
about 6 hours
we tried some tack piano on the chorus
slide guitar
fuzz guitar
clanky guitar
heavy guitar
piano piano
then rip came in around 7 and i could tell he wasn't buying it
so we worked some more on it with his helpful guidance
it's good to have a team of people you trust
it's not all fun and games making these records
sometimes it's like trying to crack a code on a safe
and the damn thing just won't budge
around 8 we took a rest from "love" and worked on "lashes"
billy immediately opened up a beautiful world for this song to live in
with his gorgeous and haunting soundscapes
we ran my bass through the fender deluxe
put some delay on it and billy put down some bass
you know he's not bad at that either...(see "be here now")
at 9:30 back to "like love"
rip and billy tightened up the verse guitar part
everyone seemed satisfied that we'd gotten it right
so we said goodnight to the sorcerer and his magic axe
(pancho too!)
then rhett and i went off to barley house to see the OHs


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