Wednesday, January 14, 2009

good times at pleasantry lane

on monday
there were more drum tracks to do
we tackled "if it's not love"
dufilho played this crazy "i fought the law"
meets buddy holly tom beat
which re-defined the song
then we sent him home for the day
and rhett cut acoustic guitars
that night jayme and i watched
"the dark knight"
on tuesday we did two more
"happy birthday (don't die)"
which rocked
then "caroline"
jason garner from deathray davies/i love math
showed up with john
i asked him to play bass on "caroline"
i'm glad i did because he came up with a great
it sounded kinda like bruce thomas from the attractions
who is one of my all-time favorite bass players
around 5 i dropped G off to play with max
then came back to the studio
john jason and rip were working on drums for a drd song
which they're gonna mix thursday in kentucky
billy showed up and dropped off his gear around 5:15
then right after he left and they finished their song
we started in on putting drums and bass
to my song "don't mind me"
tapete wants to use it as the first single but felt like
it would be better suited for radio with some
kick snare bass
jason played bass on this too
they sounded great right outta the gate
after the first take winslow showed up
with jason janik her publicist and carmen b.
they were going to shoot some photos for her feature
in Quick
we continued to work on don't mind me while a photoshoot
took place behind us with winslow in a bouffant pink dress on the brown '70s
it was pretty over the top
the click and flash of the camera while john and jason
raced through 3 or 4 takes of "don't mind me"
with me calling out the chord changes to jason
after take 4 we all decided it was awesome
and then let the photoshoot take over the rest of the studio
i went to go pick up G
raced home
ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner
sat with jayme for a bit (she wasn't feeling good)
and then went back out to the studio
for 3 more hours with rhett
we had him sing and play the 2 acoustic numbers
"bonfire" and "sometimes"

at midnight i collapsed in a heap
and went to sleep!!!


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