Tuesday, February 10, 2009


white ford econoline van
speeding through the new mexico desert
a long time ago
straight into the sunset
the house of love's "blind"
full blast
dirty drops of rain splash the windshield
quick bursts of light flickering through the windows
a three dimensional rainbow
springs up ahead
i'm driving
hair tied back
round sunglasses
faris is in the co-pilot seat
brad and tommy in the back
brad leans forward
and says "what do you think he means in this song?"
a look like Manson
his black beard is thick
he states
"i think it's about believing in GOD"
i disagree
"i think it's about questioning..."
i quote the line
"i'm not the son you sent away...i'm just blind"
he's not buying it
"it's about trying to be a good person
but not knowing the right path to take brad"
he's still not buying it
"this is not a song promoting religion!" i proclaim
we argue a bit more
brad says i just want to believe want i want to believe
whether or not the song really means that or not
i say "maybe we all do that with songs?"
and how can we have any idea what any writer really intends
unless they're sitting right there with us telling us so
it's just a song
open to interpretation
and debate
the beauty of writing
and art
there are no absolute truths
he sulked back into his seat
arms folded
"whatever you say salim - you know it all"

i hadn't thought of this in a long time
while i was running today
it all came back to me
like a crystal clear dream
someone had shot up into my psyche
this moment was important
i'd missed it at the time
why did it come roaring back now?
is it because i'm reading about strummer and the clash breaking up?
we were 4 people on a journey together
it was the only real band i ever had
it signified the split that had occurred
that would soon lead to the end
i would never be in a "real" band again


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