Saturday, February 14, 2009

my love

before i met jayme i was well
and truly lost
i really was
i'll never forget the night
august 19, 2000
when i sat in my dark bachelor pad
and wrote "it's my dream"

"i'll see you there, you'll see me games
or lies, no fake disguise"

i was at the end of my rope
i couldn't take the disappointments of life anymore
this song was a desperate plea sent out by me
for someone/something out there to please send me my dream girl
the one i'd been hoping to find
my entire life

2 weeks later
there she was - jayme!

i never believed i could fall in love with someone else right away
i was a total skeptic
within 24 hours of knowing jayme
i was madly in love with her
and faithfully devoted

"when will i see you again?
anytime, anywhere…i’ll lose the burden of life in your wondrous air."

(written 2 days after we met, on sept. 11, 2000)

falling in love with jayme was a high unlike any i'd ever felt before
and the nice part was
she seemed to feel the same way about me
we were giddy about it
like two school kids with a secret no one else
was in on
we spent every free moment with each other
i'd finally found in her
the peace and happiness i'd sought my entire life
someone to build a life with
the promise of a beautiful things ahead that we would accomplish
and share together

jayme is brilliant
and completely honest
with an empathy and kindness to others
i've rarely seen
she gives and gives and gives
works hard at everything
and keeps on giving
she keeps gavin and i from vanishing in a puff of confused chaos
she's the glue holds our little family together
she's the lightness
and space
she's filled my world with love
and happiness that has gone way beyond my wildest dreams

i love her more than any words can convey


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awww, yes! This is the sweetest post. You guys deserve EVERY happiness. :o) Love to you three, always!

Lisa p.s. the two schoolkids with a secret is a great image! That's how I feel about Lee!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know why, after knowing you less than 3 years, your happiness is so important to me but it is. i'm sticking to the theory that i knew you in a previous life. perhaps it is because i see your beauty and know you are most deserving. this story made me happy. -ce

7:40 AM  
Blogger sarah jane said...

I love miz Jayme too. She's pretty spectacular. You're not so shabby yourself. :)

6:12 AM  

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