Friday, June 18, 2010


Q: what have you been up to during your hiatus?

A: well, that's a very good question...let's see...hmmm, raising the kids; working on the Old 97s double album (April/May/June) - with 2 trips to Austin to record and mix; playing lots of gigs; finishing records by Chris Holt & Gabrielle LaPlante; doing the dishes; taking out the trash; changing lots of diapers; eating Thai; buying Lasso western suits; running; not sleeping too much; trying to be here now; trying to keep up with mountains of bills; writing 2 albums worth of songs; trying to rest my injured left wrist

Q: have you missed writing on your blog? are you finished with it?

A: yes, i have missed it...i'm not "officially" done with it but i'm obviosuly struggling to find time to continue. it just hasn't even been an option lately...

Q: would you like to give any special "shout outs" to dedicated snowing in my heart readers out there?

A: oh yes! Grace in Mass/Marfa - hang tough kid!!! Birce in Turkey - where have you been? Lex in Austria - love you baby!! Colin in Australia - gud'day mate!

Q: can you tell us about your upcoming record/songs?

A: yes, i could but that might be too obvious...a wise man once said to me "good things come to those who wait..." well, i've been waiting my whole life for good to come...

Q: any summer music recommends?

A: the Drones "havilah"
Pete Doherty "grace/wasteland"
Dan kelly "dan kelly's dream"

Q: when can we look for you to be back?

A: i never left...