Monday, March 22, 2010

drought = oasis

i think i've been absent from this blog
just about as long as ever
although i haven't been posting anything here
there's been tons of things going on
maybe that's why i've been gone
i don't seem to have a free moment these days

songs have been pouring out
almost a song a day
songs coming to me as i drive
songs coming to me as i run
songs coming to me in my sleep
songs coming to me as i eat
i try to jot down bits of lyrics on scraps of paper
in between changing diapers
or holding Miette
sometimes i feel like a crazy person
frantically documenting whatever i can
in between stuffing packages with cds
or cutting out artwork to put in jewel cases
oh, the babies asleep?!!
quick - get something done!
oh, the babies awake?!
gotta get back to her!
i just got back from the post office
i had a box full of things
going out to people all over the country
it's been so much fun
but i'm so relieved i'm almost done fulfilling pledges
i hope everyone likes what they got from Santa Nourallah...

it's all rushing by in a blur
caught up in the doing
caught up in the pushing and pulling
paying bills
buying groceries
writing emails
running errands
making phonecalls
another day is here
another day already gone
for me
for you
for all of us
i finally carved out a few hours last week to finish working on the songwriting tapes
compilation i posted on Pledge Music
the best part was hearing Gavin in the background growing up
while i wrote and wrote and wrote
sounds of him as a little baby while i worked on "the world is full of people"
just like Miette sounds like now
sounds of him playing during "saint georges"
Dada in a trance again while son questions him
it made me sad
thinking about how quickly it's all going by
"stranger in my own skin" doesn't feel that old to me yet Gavin was only 3 & 1/2
when i wrote it
on the tape he sounds so different than he does now
i'm so glad that Miette is here with us
i want to hang on to each and every moment with her and Gavin
to try and stretch them out to last as long as possible
to make it all slow down
slow down to a crawl...
back to those long, slow days when i was a kid