Monday, June 19, 2006

i only wear shorts at night

another hot un here in texas
home of the bush
land of the gun toting cowards
over-did it last night i'm afraid
"the wicked are winning" got me up all riled up until 3am
some nice piano and wurly from RR
who took a nasty blow to the head loading lefler's baby in to the jeep
beware the results of spontaneous wurly poaching
vocals and some mixing from me afterwards
singing those lines over and over again
to get them just right
it's gonna be a good one
i promise
i'm trying to really push myself to make more time
to get this record of mine moving along at a better clip
why am i always in such a hurry?
like the po-lice are on my back
billy harvey coming over after anju's night
to spend a sunday in the studio with me
i'm very excited about this
i need to have something good for us to work on
don't wanna waste a day with a genius like him
maybe the definitive version of "snowing in my heart"

had a good tickle fall-downing session with g money this morning
he wants more bagel now!!!
i got a little practice in on his footlong casio too
played some snowing for him
with the special sound #23 and then a new one
i've been pecking at
carter albrecht coming over later
whenever he wakes up
it's a good day to be in the dark cool cave
toooooooo hot outside!!!!!!!!!!
and you know i only wear shorts
at night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's appropriate (and apropo of nothing probably) that I'd be the first to comment...

Good luck with the new songs!

I shall alert the media of your online blog presence...
Lisa E, la presidente

1:01 PM  

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