Sunday, October 14, 2007

cafe NUN

Day 13

today we head back to Germany
i'm ready
ce la vie Paris
gimme Karlsruhe babee!!!
from what we've heard it's not exactly an exciting town
but who cares?
i love Germany
after that we go to St. Gallen, Switzerland
with a short trip to Liechtenstein
then Vienna, Prague and back to Hamburg
on a technical sidenote:
our US to Euro power adaptor has once again blown a fuse
this trip has been one malfunction after another
video camera still dead
thank you Cannon
for not capturing the memories
but in an unbelievable stroke of good luck
we happened to have Europe’s second handiest power
adapter store
right around the corner from our hotel
Jayme bought, literally
their last fuse
and extra adaptor
of course the adaptor cost something ridiculous like $50
which would have been $17 at home
but we really didn’t care at this point
we had already gotten used to the fleecing that
one gets in
aw, well, gay Parie

and we needed electricity, dammit!
we then made 12 trips from our hotel to our car
which seemed to be about 47 blocks away
paid $100 dollars for 3 days of parking
then had one last coffee in a little café before hitting the road

the drive to Karlsruhe was uneventful
except for the $80 worth of French tolls
we racked up
on their highways
(still fleecing you even on the way out!!)

Karlsruhe is a small town on the border of Germany and France
we really weren't expecting much from this place
but when we rolled into town we found out we were staying
in a cool old hotel
with a great room
huge by European standards
and it even had a balcony
the place looked like it had once been a large stately house
the woman at the desk was also very nice and advised us to walk to the venue
as it was only 3 blocks away

Cafe NUN turned out to be really nice
with wonderfully friendly people running it
they called it a “culture center”
just like my other favorite German venue
Rastatte in Aachen
i think NUN is also funded by government grants
they grow most of their own produce
all its employees live in the building
that houses the downstairs restaurant/club
we had the most incredible meal
i don’t remember what it was called
but they made us this very thin-crusted pizza/tart things
topped with goat cheese, onions, and some kind of herbs
it was definitely one of the best meals i'd eaten here
they also made us some kind of concentrated fruit drinks
that are apparently very common in Germany
they were excellent too
we had great conversation with the guy who runs NUN
Mark R.
he even had a tub of train toys for G to play with
as i soundchecked
G made a track on stage
and actually cried (for once)
when we told him we had to go back to the hotel
my show was great
NUN holds about 50 people comfortably
i think there were about 45
so it seemed almost full to me
they were a great audience
totally quiet while i played
and really with me emotionally all the way
on every single song
i ended up doing 3 encores
and stayed up late talking to Mark
and Denis
this was an evening i will always fondly remember
truly beautiful
i love Cafe NUN and Karlsruhe
thank you for the great memories!


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thanks for posting, salim!

this is the best thing i'm reading these days. seriously.

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