Friday, May 15, 2009

day 12 - Aachen Rastatte

tonight's show in Aachen was amazing
the best one yet
70 people packed into Rastatte
many who have seen me all three years
requests for new songs like pictures collected
and oldies like i'll be around
3 encores
1 with Johannes from Late Call
we did she'd walk a mile and stranger in my own skin
sold a bunch a cds too for that git who was down last week in Giessen
i even got to see one of Germany's coolest castles today as well
no cheese though
i'll be back with more details from France with Wreckless E
i have to get up at 7am
it's already 1
we've got a 8 hour drive
then the show
2 sets too
so i'll post more once i get out of the coma!!!




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