Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is tomorrow
Gavin's very excited
he's 8 now
Miette will be excited once she see's what's up
that all she has to do is walk around in a Gnome outfit
and hold a basket
then people will pile candy in to it
and she can go crazy stuffing it all in her mouth
she's gonna love it!

Jayme is also going to be on TV tomorrow morning
Good Morning Texas
she's bringing a bunch of her large canvas photos over
to the TV studio early in the morning
she's never been on TV before
i think she's nervous but excited
i'm excited that she's getting some well-deserved attention
her photography is off the charts now
she's also been doing great since her last operation
the best she's felt in ages
i feel like both of us could go on the Oprah show
and talk about what we've been through
if only there was still an Oprah show

so here we still are
same house
same cars
same jobs
still doing our thing
being a family
running around
grabbing this
collecting that
making stuff
throwing it out
growing up
falling apart
coming together
sleeping (not enough...)
trying to keep up with the up keeping
and still dreaming
i have my good days
and bad
just like you all do too
it's all part of being humants, right?
things continually changing
and also remaining the same
as we try and make our way through this life
without being squashed
the ups
the downs
and everything in-between

back in '06
right before Jayme had another operation
i started writing things here
it was therapeutic
and then i kept doing it
hundreds of entries
thousands of words
it went on for several years
and now there are volumes of words to be found
right here
an archive of sorts
documenting a chapter of my life
when i look back at it now
i feel strangely disconnected
who wrote all of this stuff
what was he doing?
why did he do it?
where did all these words come from?

and now that i've finally come back here again
it feels a bit like stepping in to the old, worn out slippers
of someone whose gone away and left you
nothing but a pair of old, worn out slippers