Tuesday, August 03, 2010

don't mind me

"violent words spill from my mouth
from broken thoughts i spit them out

don’t mind me today"

oh when tempers flare
isn't it hysterical?
is yours a mean growling bear
or a snivelling Golem?
do you use harsh cruel words
shouted or spat
fists and kicks
punches and hurdled vases
waving a finger from the open window of a motor vehicle
or bumping chests in the middle of a crowded dancefloor
stuffing bullets into the open compartment of your gun
firing at the door while someone bangs on the other side
hi-jacked by our egos
in the throes of madness
there's nothing we wouldn't do
out of rage
out of spite
to ourselves
or our loved ones

"on days it comes to this
your patience i request
if i came to you on bended knees
begging forgiveness please"

"don't mind me" was written in a flash May 2007
it was the only song off of "constellation" that i played live before recording it
a year later Billy helped me make some of the words better
and he also added some nice chords to the solo break
Dufilho and Garner played some bass and drums for the "single" version
upon Tapete's request
it happened one crazy afternoon while we took a break from working on Rhett's record
and Jason Janik snapped photos of Winslow Bright on the couch
behind the recording console
it felt like the Record Plant or something
with Winslow's publicist barking directions at Janik while his camera click click clicked
and John and Jason rocked away
i 'll always remember that absurd moment...

there's not much else to say about this one
or than i like to perform it with the band - it feels good