Saturday, October 08, 2011

the man who learned to love

"waiting and wasting a lifetime away 'til you came..."

i think this was the last song i wrote for Constellation
i've never been much of a love song writer
not even sure if i'd even ever written one
or at least if i did
i always banished them to the "never record" bin
anyway, at the time i wrote this song
i was really in to playing my recently purchased Guild Mark II
nylon stringed acoustic
i would sit on the bench in the back room of our house
while Jayme would be on the computer
stare out in to the backyard
and just noodle around on this wonderful guitar
one day this pattern came to me
and just about all of the words too
a very simple sentiment
after the realization that maybe i didn't really, truly know what love was all about
until Jayme came in to my life

"winter lasted all year long
heartless bastard never thawed"

originally posted on 4/17/08:

"so whatdaya got today?"
i'm feeling like doing one with rambunctious drums
i'm thinking "it's not enough"
Billy's not feeling it today so he mentions
this finger picked bossanova one called
"the man who learned to love"
i'm down with that
so i get out my old Guild spanish guitar
and start playing it
he says he loves this one
it's like a "flower that just opens up at the end"
we both agree it's worth recording
he puts a Korby c-12 on the guitar
i cut it to a click because the weird rhythm has to be locked
in to something
after 3 takes we do 3 takes of vocals
Billy says it's so nice he doesn't want to start throwing things
on it just because we can