Thursday, August 17, 2006

pretzel juggler

i'm playing bend studio this saturday
my last show in dallas
for awhile
also my one and only warm-up
for the swiss/german tour next month

i found out 3 days ago
chris holt can't accompany me
so i'm doing this tour
all by myself
i'm sad he won't be coming along
but i'm ok
i guess going it alone is appropriate
now it's an even greater challenge for me
all i'll have are my songs
written over the last 16 years
the only ammunition i'm bringing
no one to fall back on
or rely on for support
so i'm trying to dust off the best ones
a few from every record
a SN retrospective of sorts
i'm even going back to the MF's sugar pill
this week i've been walking around the house
strummin' my guitar and singing
mariachi style
G yells
"no singing in my room dada!!!"
grabs me by the arm
escorts me out
then slams his bedroom door behind me
my little napoleon
only 3
giving me a preview of the teenage years!!

i got the flight info this morning
i really hit me
this trip has been looming on the horizon for months
now it's almost here
hard to believe
so come say goodbye to me this saturday
you'll get a preview of what i'm gonna do over there
i've learned to juggle giant beer steins
and pretzels
while i sing my saddest songs


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask G how to say hi in German.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hot damn! Knock'em dead. Show them how 'ol SN styles it.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous grace vroom said...

keeping my fingers crossed so we can make it out to germany to see you in your best form. lederhosen and all.

man, you might want to tell gavin to keep the 'tude to a minimum.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Good luck on the tour, get a live recording for me if possible! I still think your live SN/NB acoustic format shows were some of the best I've heard.

I'll try to make it Sat if possible, but it's been a tough week with lots of negative things happening around us and occupying our time and attention.


12:42 PM  

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