Friday, August 11, 2006


will F and S ever record again together?
never say never
but probably not
we had our years
we had our time
most of it was difficult
we never rose to the heights that the great brother combos scaled
the finns
the davies
simon and simon
the jackson 5
i always admired the ones who made it work
especially n and t
i wanted to be part of a great brother combo too
just like i wanted to be in a great band
but it was never in the cards for us
it's ok
all things must end
to be born as individuals we had to split up
like sonny and cher
peaches and herb
crockett and tubbs

in the years since the making of the nourallah brothers cd
we made several on and off again attempts
to re-kindle the spirit
the spirit of our youth
find some joy and creativity again working with each other
some of these tracks found their way to disc 2
of the NB re-issue
but most of the post NB attempts never worked
we never found it

so if anyone out there
really wants the nourallah brothers
to ever record again together
you think it'll be the best thing since a caveman
rubbed two sticks together
and made fire
or the coolest thing since the french
invented the guillotine and the bagette
if you're just dying to hear what old S and F could come up with now
what we'd pull from our bag of tricks
after all the wisdom we've racked up
and the chops
and sideburns
i'm afraid it ain't gonna happen

i look at photos of the children we used to be
beautiful and charmed
always smiling
shouting at the top of our lungs
singing our songs
playing soldiers in the backyard
my heart hurts
where did those happy children disappear to?
we shared part of a life
a dream
then watched it slip through our hands the tighter we gripped it
we suffocated it together
time changes people in different ways
no matter how close we feel to another human being
at times almost like we've become one with that person
be it a wife
alienation is only a heartbreak away
we're all changing so fast
it's all so temporary
we have to embrace it
it's ok
it's what we've been dealt
a test of this life


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I have two brothers that don't speak to me (I left religion behind & never looked back, and it caused alienation as they are still members). Growing up I'd have never believed it would be possible that we wouldn't be close. It's a terrible thing and seems so unneccesary.

I enjoyed reading all 4 parts of the NB tale.

1:16 PM  

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