Thursday, July 27, 2006

go to church on friday night

18 years ago
i can't believe it
was it really 18 years ago
when i first moved to this place
from el paso
18 years ago
i'm getting old
i saw the church at starplex
can it really be 2006 now
where'd all that time vanish to
where were you in 1988
da da da
da da da
i wish all of that time i burned up had been as good as it is now
oh well
gotta waste it to appreicate it
it could still be bad
i'm pretty lucky
i guess
most bands that were hacking away at it in '88 are either
dead and gone
or complete rubish by now
not the church
older now
hard to believe when you look at their pretty album covers
from yesteryear
but wiser now
and remarkably
still musically relevant
hard to achieve when you've been at it 26 years
and they're gonna play the granada theater tomorrow night
this isn't gonna be a ray davies show
no gold's gym backing band
no bad new album to cram down our throats
i love you ray but it was so disappointing
this is going to be "how to age gracefully 101"
most of you probably only know under the milky way
or the starfish record
but they were (are) one of the all-time greats
in my book that is
heyday 1986
a classic
go buy it
buy a paisley shirt while you're at it
shimmering 12-string guitars
words that take you to far off exotic places
when i was a kid i was obsessed with this record
i still love it
it aged well
blurred crusade
priest = aura
go buy them next
a hard band to pigeonhole
it's called originality
i think
so i get a friday night off
i wanted to play this one but i'm kinda glad i'm not
i can actually hang out and enjoy a night
at my favorite rock'n'roll venue
i'm planning on having some fun
can you tell
i made a lifelong friend once
over a tantalized 12" single
14 records in denton
big bucks burnett
got me my first record deal he did
started it all really
thanks bucks!
he's gonna be there tomorrow night
barley too
maybe even you
they say music is a soundtrack to our lives
this band was such a big part of the sn "early years" soundtrack
they've got a place in my heart
texas sure is a long way from australia
i hope we make it worth their while


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was in seventh grade in 88.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoy the show. It's beautiful!

Lee and I started dating in 1988. That's where we were... in college, falling in love.

Lisa p.s. HeyDay is my favorite one too...

10:43 AM  
Blogger bucks burnett said...

The Church gig has a very long road ahead of itself in my heart and memory. Not the performance or even the songs - just the vibe and good times of seeing my friends The Church again in the same room again with my friend Salim again there we were again. A beautiful label on a bottle of wine were we. May it never end, this friendship between us all, you and I and they. Tantalized, indeed. Grow old, not up!

10:08 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, thanks for the call. I enjoyed the show as much as anybody in the room, it was a wonderful time and as Bucks said it was good to see friends again.

1988? Back at home listening to the Church, just having gotten into them then - lazing around with my guitar trying to figure out how the heck they were making those sounds, and why I liked them so much better than the junk on the radio.


5:56 AM  

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