Wednesday, July 19, 2006

pass the bavaria please

not a lot of sleep going down around my house these days
jayme's still in a lot of pain
wondering today if it'll ever end
i tell her it will
i don't know though
maybe it won't
we hope for the best
we've been hoping for awhile
things can always get worse
but it'd be really nice if they got a little better
i feel helpless
today it was 106 outside but it was snowing in my heart
i realized 10 minutes ago
that's gonna be the title of my next record
it's so obvious
yet i didn't get it until just now
all these songs about fighting depression
snowing in my heart sums 'em all up perfectly
and so it is written

today was rough
the crushing heat didn't help
everything dying outside our house
our greek flowers
all of 'em shrivelling up under the vicious texas sun
can't water them enough to save them
i feel like a serial plant murderer
at least it's finally night time again
maybe some sleep tonight
let's roll the lucky sleep dice
come on
give us a lucky number 9
please give us a 9
when was the last time i slept 9
can't even remember
i must've been 20
i'd take a 7 tonight
even a good sound 6

jayme's been studying up on germany
reading her tour book right now
cozied up in bed with the heating pack on her neck
it's a distraction from the pain
imagine our euro adventure
it's almost like going to another planet
she just came in to read me this
"no part of the pig is safe from bavarian chefs"
also an example of a meal we must avoid
liver cheese
which apparently has nothing to do with liver or cheese
she's got it all mapped out already
travel times each day
where we need to be
what we're gonna try to do and see
a list of things we need to buy
it's a pretty long list
she's more organized than any tour manager out there
and a lot cuter too

so now that the 40 ton piano called the pleasantry lane cd
has been lifted off my back
i can turn my attention to some other things
like working on snowing in my heart with billy harvey
on monday
or finishing the salim vs. shibboleth seventies covers record
i temporarily feel relieved
i'd better celebrate
try and make it last at least a couple of days
with this fast fleeting feeling of accomplishment
can we pull out all the stops and order a pizza tomorrow
bavarian style
hoof and liver cheese

sweet dreams


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew it. I just did.


6:11 PM  

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