Monday, July 10, 2006

hell preview in texas (showing all summer long)

busy busy week in the studio
so i might not have time for much bloggy blog
maybe more prose
or the pros and cons of hitchhiking coming instead
i got to work a bit on my record last night
which made me happy
the skeleton closet
got some k moonish drums from jason garner
he is a genius with the sticks
i'm gonna miss having him around for sure
(as a friend too more importantly)
hopefully i can get back on track
with more work with myself at the end of the week
that is if i'm not completely worn out by what precedes
oh i just realized i've a gig sunday night
at barley
to celebrate dave little's uncomfortable moments
so no recording for sn
gavin woke up at 3am last night
and said "dadda i hear a train coming"
then he popped his thumb back in his mouth
like a smoking pipe
and passed out again
it's another barnburner in texas today
i think we're being punished somehow
for being the state that brought the world satan with a B
it's been punishing this heat wave
no cool for the wicked i suppose
so i hope as you read this you've got your aromatic airconditioners pumping
your ceiling fans spinning
your tall cool glass of lemonade
or long island ice tea handy


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't the last entry showing all summer long!

hope you three are well! :o)


9:46 PM  

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