Tuesday, July 04, 2006

the god cleanliness complex

partly sunny
with a slight chance of mildew
on the sfn mood-o-meter today
that's right
i cleaned up poor neglected pleasantry lane
it was looking a shambles
cables and mics strewn everywhere
guitars haphazardly laying about
dirt and bugs mashed into the carpet
cobwebs a hangin'
coulda been my hairdo considering how i've been feeling lately
certainly not at all like the tidy PL you'd be used to seeing
if you came around here regularly
funny how depression gets a hold of the little crevices of your life
except in j's case she keeps a spic and span ship going
no matter how down she might get
it's truly amazing
in fact she cleans in order to feel BETTER
it's a trip to behold
i'm glad though
not a fan of the slobben ways
it just dawned on me
could orderly behavior and cleanliness be a sign of good mental hygiene?
there's usually no point to anything when you're feeling down
why mow the lawn?
it's only gonna grow back next week
why take those dishes out of the sink?
there's only more on deck
why bother to clean the recording studio?
there's a bassist with a big mac on his way to the waste paper basket right now
when you're feeling down that's all you can see
that depression fog right in front of your face
blocking everything else
so i should contact harvard
to receive my special grant to research this new and fascinating correlation
come later this week i'm gonna try and tackle some of my insomnia 101 issues
of last night
finish the bleedin' PL cd
get back to work on my version of sandinista record
i told you i'd rise above it
took all the strength i had not to fall apart
kept trying hard to mend the pieces of my broken heart
and i spent oh so many nights just feeling sorry for myself
i used to cry
now i hold my head up high
and you see me
somebody new
i've been strumming D minor since i was but a zit faced pre-teen in e.p.
with no friends and a nutty syrian immigrant father
i've had more chips on my shoulder than mister frito lay himself
so i'm not about to give up after one bad top forty session with harry insomnia
that fella can't even carry a tune anyway
and his lyrics are as tepid as a justin timberlake cd


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