Thursday, June 29, 2006

the bruce pill

today i woke up feeling like this blog of mine needs more comedy
light relief
witty anecdotes
and sly asides
i think i'm gonna go up to half price
and thumb through some books in the comedy/magic tricks section
it'll do me some good
there's also this pill that contains actual strands of lenny bruce's DNA
it's kind of expensive
3 grand a pop
results only after 12 months
but then
"instantly" transformed
in to one biting mofo satirist
ready to take on every relevant and irrelevant socio economic issue under the sun
i probably can't come up with the cash
so for now i'll just go with
have you heard the one about the rubber chicken with the peg leg?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To quote ELO, "Don't bring me down...Bruuuuce!"


10:17 PM  

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