Thursday, June 22, 2006

6 million dollar nourallah

all's quiet in our home
only the hum of the refrigerator going
gavie sound asleep
hopefully dreaming of buckwheat
his pet robot
happy birthday cakes
duke the white horse
ariel and scout
mommy's tucked away in her hospital bed
slo-mo morphine dreaming
i hope she's not scared
alone there
i'll be there soon
hang on hang on
i sit here in the soft blue light of the computer screen
don't feel like myself right now
i feel like an observer
watching some weird story unfold
maybe lack of sleep and stress has dislocated my mind again
i know the feeling well
i've been here before
when gavin was in trouble
my stomach is in knots
should be playin' my guitar for relief
but i don't want to risk waking G
so i'm writing this blog
i have to get it out
otherwise i freeze up inside
solid ice
like the title of this thing says
it's snowing in my heart
no lie
it's why i have to write
all my life trying not to ice over inside
sometimes it doesn't work
sometimes no words or songs or anything in the world
can soothe
but i'm so proud of this girl of mine
she's a fighter
keeping a real chin up about all of this
i think if i were in her shoes i'd be in far worse mental shape
i'd be a babyshambles
we struggle for control almost every day of our adult lives
the instinct to try and control our own destinies raging
most times ironically out of control
the tighter we grip our lives
the more things spin away from us
no matter how rich
or powerful
a single human being can become during their stay here on earth
we're all equally fragile
exposed completely
and totally vulnerable
in the end unable to stop bullets
bend the universe to our will
cure the incurable
turn back the crushing hands of time
it's a lesson
a hard one to learn
can i surrender to the universe
close my eyes and fall backwards in to the loving arms of our maker
give up trying to control the uncontrollable
trust that it's not a lunatic flying this colossal jumbo jet of life?
i think i can
i think i have
i've done it before
i'm familiar with this feeling
right now i've surrendered
i believe our/your prayers have gotten someone's attention out there
we are being watched over now
my love
my life
is in the hands of something i trust will deliver her safely
back to me and G
to be a happy little trio again
our girl all fixed up better than ever
ready to jump higher
run faster
feel better
she's gonna be the bionic jayme
with her metal disk
there's a 6 million dollar nourallah on the way
better watch out!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE to you, Jayme and G.

Just hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha.



3:09 AM  
Blogger sia said...

Thinking of you today.Give Jayme my love.

5:48 AM  
Blogger leibniz said...

and such is faith: the wonderful empowerment of hope; the unique tapestry where one's actions are interwoven to reflect the guiding hope within.

grace, peace, and all my best to you and your family, salim.

10:14 AM  

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