Tuesday, June 27, 2006

be here now

our little family is my life
the only thing that truly matters
my days sucked up by usefulness
while you're disappearing fast
right before my very eyes
this beautiful little person i see before me
i'll only know so briefly
you'll be replaced by someone else soon
i see your little shadow reaching up to hold my hand
a memory already
i'll try and hold on to it as long as i can
it makes me want to cry
the beauty of this moment
how i wish i could make it last
yet i'm always off in the distance
running fast
or looking back
some cruel reminder of the impermanence of it all
a lesson to live in the here and now
i'm trying to be here now
it's so hard when the mind is bombarded
with so many things to worry about
i have 3 hours
before i disappear in to the studio for 8
let's go for a walk son
hold my hand we'll go see the bumblebee tree


Blogger leibniz said...

my daughter arrived two weeks ago, and i feel the truth in this post.

11:02 AM  

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