Saturday, June 24, 2006

the dreambill

it was anju's dream bill afterall
fitting i was in a dreamstate
so tired i was relaxed
even dusted off "pleasantry lane"
hooked on muscle relaxers and mellow-out pills indeed
i hadn't played that one in ages
ma feet were happy that someone had drained the goudie pool
i tried real hard to find anju there
but couldn't
maybe last night was what she needed to move on?

jayme feeling better right before i left the hospital
to get to the show
helped me feel better
i knew she would fight off the fever quickly
she's a tough one
but i've been so worried about her
relief is finally setting in
the kids up front at bend were a joy to behold
made the whole thing very special for me
L and L too
so where were you m and d?
you missed a good one
billy and kacy were great d
o you know who they are?
i think i did ok even
maybe you would've been proud
maybe you would've been bored
either way it would've been nice to have you out there once
"beautiful noise" across texas 2006 coming to a close
the noise show next week at the granada
then goodbye for a little while
maybe you'll miss me?
well there are still tickets for the reeperbaum festival in september
if you can't stand it
i'm disappointed that billy and i can't record today
but my mind is with my family right now
can't lock myself in the studio for 12 hours
and forget about the outside world
i hope billy gives me a raincheck
i promise to have something good for him next time
so i'm going to get jayme in a little while
they said they might let her go today
i'm so excited
it's a beautiful morning
a couple of bright red flowers on the hibiscus
gotta go see j now
love you all


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