Sunday, June 25, 2006

the world is full of people who want to help you

the scene around here has improved drastically in the last 24 hours
jayme is back home
feeling stronger by the hour
she's grateful to be home and enjoying every minute of it
today was the most peaceful sunday we've enjoyed around here
in a long time
almost surreal
considering the stark contrast of it to all that happened to us last week
i feel like a piano has been lifted off of my shoulders
a bowling ball removed from my gut
jayme's post op pain
peanuts compared to what she'd been living with
for the last 1o months
i already see a marked change in her
it's like she'd been holding her breath for months
and now she can breathe again
G was full of mischief and joy
careening around the house on his rocket
carrying on at the top of his voice
telling strange little stories
coming at us with his new plastic fly
he even tried some frankensteinesque disco dancing
and wore his bat hat while repeating
"i'm a bad, bad boy"
in a funny low voice
jayme rested and watched some wc soccer
got lot's of kisses and hugs from G
also "you're my best friend in the whole wide world"
i watered things that needed watering
played with my son
cared for my wife
it was almost like a scene from a rockwell painting
i hope there are more days like this one ahead of us

we've been completely blown away
by all the love and support our friends have given us
i can't even put in to words how comforting it's been
i feel surrounded by love right now


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Love and more love, that is all.


8:04 AM  
Anonymous Grace Vroom said...

to get back after having no internet for a month and reading every entry from the beginning was quite scary. you don't know how glad i am that it has a happy ending. i hope that things only get better from this point on!

10:08 PM  

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