Sunday, July 02, 2006

i love my friends

i know when i last left you i was in a bad way
sorry to worry you
but thank you for being there
it helped me a lot
to get it out on this blog of mine
i wanted to let you know
i appreciate the couple of concerned emails i got
it means a lot to me that you care
so i thought you'd wanna know the anti-anxiety manual worked after all
although i was never completely at ease
i did settle down a bit
and made it through my set ok
we had a good and decent show
no one was harmed in the process
the wheels stayed on the noise
it was a nice "goodbye for a little while" show
seeing all my beautiful smiling friends helped me a lot
how could i not be touched by that?
meri learning all my songs in only 5 days completely on her own
blew me away
i was touched by that as well
she lifted us up with her enthusiasm and great playing
thank you miss mk
i'm still feeling run down in the head today
it's supposed to be my night to work on my own record
but i'm not sure i'm feeling up to it
i guess once nightfall wipes out this absurdly sunshiny
hotter than hell day
maybe some inspiration will strike me
i gotta learn that it's ok if it doesn't
it's true sometimes
you just have to take it easy
watch some tv
or vegetate with your loved ones
can't always push push push
it'll wear you down
like i am right now
anyway i hope you all are enjoying your sunday afternoon
wherever you may be




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it worked... :o)

And of course I love the Duffy reference in your subject header!


9:15 AM  

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