Friday, June 30, 2006

god save the granada theater

the haze is beginning to lift
don't know what was going on earlier this week
but my shoes felt like they were stuck in cement
head stuck in an oven
no energy to save my life
nothing doing
glad i took it easy and rested
didn't keep pushing
it's starting to pay off today
i feel a lot better
been thinking it's time for me to start doing some yoga
or something to help me out
i need to find time to start
that's the hardest part for me
project number six hundred and forty two on my to-do list
i sure am looking forward to the noise say goodbye show
at the granada theater tomorrow night
it's always a joy for me to play there
an amazing venue
and the way they treat the bands is so over-the-top courteous
there is so much kindness and respect for musicians going on there
the exact opposite of what ole dougie simmons
and the CLC complex has been doing for so long
any town on the face of this planet would be blessed to have a theater like this
to go enjoy music at
we're lucky we have it
so please go and support the granada
and pray they stick around
it's a hard hard business
don't take their existence for granted
even if you're sitting on the fence about going to a show there
dallas needs this theater
it needs people like mike schoder
who put love back in to our town
without simply taking and raping
most people don't know this
but putting on local shows
like the one tomorrow night
is a big financial risk for a venue their size
without at least 300 people in the place
they can't even break even
so each and every one of you count
bring some friends
bring yer family
bring yer pets!!!!
god save the granada!!!
we only have one left in its class
now that someone burned down the poor arcadia last week
and man does that whole thing sound fishy to me
see you tomorrow night
it's gonna be good
i promise
i'm feeling better
the fam is doing good
jayme's feeling a little better
i wanna take it slow tomorrow night
and enjoy the moment (see: be here now)
it might be a while before i'm back there
and i sure am gonna miss playing the good ole G theater
hopefully something to look forward to in the winter!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, story. I played the Granada, maybe 6 months back and left a change of clothes back stage. I show up recently and Thomas (hospitality guy in the back) goes "I have clothes, I have been saving them, hoping I'd run into you." Amazing people at the Granada!

7:39 PM  

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