Wednesday, July 05, 2006

sadly triumphant

perfect pink in blue sky dawn
the sun is creeping up i'm crawling on
air-brushed clouds a wispy white
soft hues of growing glowing morning light
i drive on by my memories
i think of all the love there must be
we thought being young meant we'd never face almighty end
almighty end
posthumous praise from loved ones all estranged
it's pre-arranged
so visualize what you desire
intervention never will transpire
we're gonna die
a well-known fact
and once we've gone who knows what's coming next
the sun and rain may never kiss
our pretty ugly faces again
someone kneeled flowers in hand
as you passed on from yesterday
a memory
a well-worn thought
we lay beside you
all asleep in lala land
beyond our time
enchanted and
i do not pass
i have to wait
for my time to knock on heaven's pearly gates


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Very beautiful and sad...

Thank you for sharing this.


6:26 AM  

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