Monday, July 17, 2006

planning a rumba rumble

i'm getting serious
rolling up the sleeves
getting down to business
it's me and the pleasantry lane cd tonight
mano y mano
to the death
you're going down baby i'm gonna finish you off tonight!!!!!
it might take 15 rounds but
you're mine
i promise
i'm gonna get you off my back
so i can have some peace
of mind
2 years lingering in the vaults
a tweak here a blip there
always in the back of the theater
making noise
always something there to remind me
like an out of tune bacharach tune playin' in the lobby
well no more
come 2am i'm gonna be done with you
i'm throwing you out
it's time to go off to college
make some new friends
no i'm not sending money
no you can't call us collect
i took a nap
i'm ready
i have my energy drink chillin'
i'm getting some mexican food with j and g then finishing you off
that's right
i'm not foolin' around
i'm deadly serious
i'm shutting down that annoying
super annoying perfectionist in my head
taking you out tonight PL
and i don't mean on the town
no need to wish me luck 'cause it's been pre-ordained
see you tomorrow
i'll be at the post office
shipping my cd off to portland


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