Saturday, July 15, 2006

this soft existence

this soft existence
days running together
where did the last one end
when did a new one begin
sprinkler whirs and clicks
stare off in the distance
past the slippery lawn
past the tall still trees
straight into the blue
is anyone out there
who's running this show
what kind of coward
make yourself known why don't you
they're dropping bombs out there
children dying
unfathomable suffering
over what
over nothing
over everything
we think we're gonna keep rolling like this
our safe way lives
buy some things to make us feel better
buying is the answer
all things must buy
buy a corporate sponsored government
back to the sprinkler
that's better right
much better
disappear in the repetitive motion
absorb the monotonous sound
it's safe here
in this soft existence
no one can hurt us
days run together
another morning already
maybe we should buy those silvery lights for the backyard
yeah i think that would be nice


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's downright dystopian. Didn't realize it had reached that point yet. Thirty or forty more years at least, c'mon.


11:42 AM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I was thinking about something similar late last night, watching the violence in the middle east.

We have it easy in so many ways when compared to others. We cram into a crowded club by choice; they crowd into a tiny shelter underground with no air conditioning, just hoping to avoid death for themselves and their families.

It's easy to sit and argue sides in their conflicts, but we don't have to live it.


6:29 AM  

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