Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the aftermath

pleasantry lane cd is finished
TKO in the fifteenth round
i've got the paper cuts to prove it
i've got the chewed up finger nails too
up 'til 3
who was sitting in the honda SUV as i came up the drive
sped off like they were up to something
and that kept me tossing and turning
a horrible sleepness night
i'm a worrier you know
lack of sleep has sent me into another dimension today
us texans still being tortured by the elements for something
you know i have my theories
i almost lost my nerve once or twice
nervous and sweaty
almost called for a re-mix at 2pm
j calmed me down
perfection is an illusion
you know better
nothing is perfect
but i never wanna sign off on anything until i'm completely satisfied
are you ever?
but i can get pretty damn close can't i?
after lot's of agonizing torture
so that's where i am now
i'm fine with it
it's ok
i won't be ashamed of this one
i'm not gonna toss it out on its ear
hopefully i'll still feel the same way in a couple of years
i'm so sick of hearing myself sing the tunes though
i could scream
but i'm happy too
i like this cd a lot
and i hope you're gonna like it too
i think it has a special vibe
steve meri john jason the polaroids
all playing really well together back when it was fresh
model brothers
missing funerals
a lot of the songs don't sound anything remotely like the "studio" versions
it's interesting to hear them brought to life by this great band
so where were you in 1978
had an appointment i had to keep
shaking hips and wearing grins


Anonymous Sia said...

I can't wait to hear it!!

9:18 AM  

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