Monday, July 24, 2006


billy harvey came up from austin for the day
if you don't own his last record
go own it
oh it might be hard to find as it never actually got properly released
so go to his website
it makes no sense to me
how a record this good has no home
i sent it to germany a couple of weeks ago
along with some other great homeless cds
i know how it feels believe me
spent years and years with no outlet
and just when i let go
it came
a miracle
a bolt from the blue
it changed everything
i'm so thankful and i always will be
if i can help someone else somehow
i'll try
we spend our whole lives making music
depressing when it feels like it's all in vain
other than j and g i'd have felt my life had been a waste
if not for the miracle of travelling in sound
up over and beyond dallas
i've been so lucky
there are so many good records coming out of texas
records that deserve to be heard
it makes my heart hurt
today i was pretty keyed up
it was good to have my songs scrutinized by someone i respect
i think billy's a genius
he writes great songs and plays everything really well
i was even nervous
he played some drums
i played some bass
we took our time
i made popcorn
he ate it
he stuck a mic in the piano
we ran it into a silvertone
i learned a new trick
what a great sound
i wish we'd had more time
i'm always wishing i had more time
days over now
i'm beyond tired
gotta get some sleep now
in 6 hours
get up
go out
do it again
back where you started
here we go round again
what a great rdd song
sorry i didn't like your show ray
i feel bad but i still love ya
DL bought village green upon my recommend
good job DL
i knew you'd love it
it's a klassic
nice melltron huh?
i hope billy and i get a chance to record again
we might not
this might be it friends
i forgot to take his polaroid though
didn't realize until after he'd left
i know
i suck
screwed up a time honored pleasantry lane tradition
a polaroid of everyone who has ever come to play over hear
so i hope BH comes back someday
at least for that


Blogger grace vroom said...

the first show of yours i ever saw was at the granada. you played with billy harvey and sorta. to this day, i will remember that as the best show i've ever been to and the moment i got hooked on live music and the granada. thanks to all three of you, or i don't know what i would be doing today.

8:09 AM  

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