Sunday, July 23, 2006

captain karrang & the twilight cannonsong symphony

captain karang eventually
led the twilight cannonsong symphony
fractured melody
in multiple keys
they played under the mulberry tree

fashioned such notes with fiddles and bows
an old piano and a slide trombone
fat tuba joe
sat in the front row
his cheeks a puffing as he tried to blow

the birds cried
"give us peace in our time!"
but the captain cloyingly declined
"dears don't mistake your so-called earache
is just the twilight cannonsong symphony!"

invisible bats and bumblebees
were dancing round the captain's niece
she drank champagne
and lunged at the rain
sang along with k's masterpiece

lost in the verse was the captain immersed
his arms a waving as his head bobbed on
as they played until dawn
their wondrous song
the cymbals crashing like a big alarm

cried the trees
"won't you give us some peace!"
but the captain never heard their plea
drown in a sea of cacophony
mad and happy
the captain quite lost
never noticed the clocks
that's the twilight cannonsong symphony


Blogger bucks burnett said...

I really like this. A poem or song? Seems like a poem. You should publish a batch of your poems/writings on your website or something, would make a good collection. Circle the best lines from your bloggy and make a song from them. Next, remove the screen from your monitor and make a funny computer hat. It's snowing in my heart, too - got the wipers on high.

10:01 PM  

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