Friday, July 21, 2006

raymond douglas davies

a free ticket out of the blue
from holt
gonna go see ray tonight
a songwriting hero of mine
but it's been so long since he touched me
well i bet it's still gonna be worth the price of admission

why wasn't i going anyway
well you see
i've been a bit tough on poor ray and some of the other fallen genius'
it's hard for me to get excited about seeing someone when they're not
currently relevant anymore
not making good records anymore
haven't made a good one in ages
maybe 20 years
i don't like his new one or the one before that or...
i can't remember the last good one actually
you get the idea
it's hard to explain
it comes with the trappings of fame i guess
almost impossible for any of the greats to keep up they're greatness
eventually they all end up in a glorified cover band of themselves
no one wants to hear the new so-so record
roll out the old hits please!!!
tonight we'll all be waiting for "waterloo sunset"
talking sleeping doing the crosswords
while the new songs about america are unveiled
once the greatest living englishman
now writing about america
change is good but c'mon!

ray please pardon fussy sn
what a life tucked away in your mind
i can only imagine all the things you must've seen and done
in your lifetime
enough to fill 100 lives
so many songs and records and tours and wives
there in '64
top of the pops
you really got me
dedicated follower of fashion
set me free
tired of waiting
london in the swinging sixties
right there with the beatles
the who
the stones
the kinks made some of the best rock'n'roll records ever
you're a living legend
part of history
maybe i can tell g someday
yeah i saw him once
he was an old man by the time i got to him but still
it was pretty cool

so if you don't own any kinks records
lemme recommend
"village green"
then "arthur" and "face to face"
this man was one of the very best of all-time
in his youth surpassed by none
even after his heyday he still managed to write a few gems
so do yourself a favor
if you don't own it already
go buy yourself a copy of
"the kinks are: the village green preservation society"
right now


Anonymous grace vroom said...

what a surprise to see you there!

my favorite part of the night was being surrounded by HUGE ray fans/friends of mine (that had flown in from LA) and listening to all of them talk about how it will probably be THE best night of their lives and so on...then being able to say "well salim wasn't very impressed by his new stuff and was disapointed last time he saw him." while they blankly stared at me. oh sweet satisfaction. the confusion made them quiet and gave me two seconds of peace.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

I wonder if it's not the curse/blessing on fame that kills the creative edge and desire to maintain your character and innovation? If he'd never had the recognition would he instead still be struggling to prove he can do something great?


6:21 AM  

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