Saturday, August 05, 2006

goot dey sunshyne

we had a good good day yesterday
G's birthday
woke up and opened some presents
libby the robot
back from the doctor
head all fixed and not falling off
roxy the robot
with her pink dress and metallic headgear
ringo the orange robot
(there's always a ringo when G makes up the names)
then we headed off to the zoo
played "birthday" off the white album
really loud
did some car dancing
you know what i mean
wave your arms to and fro
legs don't do much
silly fun
i never went to the zoo when i was a kid
so i don't know what warrants
"killer zoo dude"
"what a sucky zoo maaaannn..."
when we were in LA last year
making the believer
i got to go to the zoo for the first time
pretty sad i'm almost 92 and i hadn't been before
i thought the LA zoo was fab
and now that i'm a seasoned zoo vet
i realize it kinda sucked
there's a far better zoo
right under our noses
in fort dirt
so we saw a bunch of very sad looking animals
and gavie loved every second of it
the guerilla's all turned their backs
on us gawking humans
i felt a little sorry for them
but that's me
bleeding heart liberal pinko commie bastard
i just wanted to say pinko commie
and bastard rolls really good on the tail end of that
don't you think?
anyway it was lovely
100 bizillion degrees outside but we had a grand time despite
nothing was gonna ruin our fun
saw all the animals
had some ice cream
G money took a shower under the old fashioned water tower
the brave men of the N family scared to death in the bat/snake cave
i was transformed into video camera daddy jap dad
must document
must capture and preserve
this kids of ours is gonna have more footage of his life than he knows what to do with
i've already got a hundred of these mini DV tapes laying around
who's ever gonna watch 'em?
i was thinking though...
the whole front end of our lives is basically lost
we don't remember diddley squat
so why not film as much of it as you can
for your kid to watch later
it's such a crying shame that all the best times are lost on us
that's why you have all these sentimental blubbering parents
walking around crying all the time
they remember all the best things
but their kids hardly remember anything
later on the kid says
"what's the big deal old man?"
"why do you love me so much?"
i'm just a stoneaged teenage romeo brat
93 thousand episodes of the G reality TV show
in the works
going into syndication
fall 2033

post zoo we had a birthday dinner
at pepe and mito's
a bunch of our loved ones showed up
thank you all for the thoughtful gifts and cards
we love you so much
it was such a great time for G
dad had the video camera rollin'
nothing missed
trust me
the robot cake was delicious
blue tongues for everyone!
griffin and hudson there too
now what G?
i hope it's not too much of a let-down today
that was one pretty kick*** birthday!!!!


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