Monday, July 31, 2006

people take pictures

the time freight train
speeding down the rails
barreling towards me
it makes no sound
the sound is deafening
i'm tied to the tracks
it can't hear me screaming

we looked through some photos albums today
saw some children we used to be
someone saw my son in me
i take a good look at him
i guess they might be right
pictures of my parent's as kids
their wedding day
my grandparent's glum faces
that worn out cliche
days that seem so close
yet so far away
richard at the grand canyon
he's been gone since the eighties
i still remember my mom's sobbing when she heard the news
G turns three this friday
pictures of his operation
all kinds of wires n cables running to and from him
i have to go hug him
kiss the back of his head
tell him how much i love him
we forget too quickly
how lucky we are
have to plough forward
charge onward
already into another day
another dollar
gotta survive
keep on rolling
like that freight train

have a seat
kick up your feet
open a photo album
take a peek at your past
it's right there in front of you
in black and white
and technicolor
it follows us around
everywhere we go
a shadow
of places we used to go
people we used to know
who we used to be


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Ah, memories. I'm glad Gavin is better now, we were really worried for him and for both of you back then. So glad things have worked out for him. I can't believe we haven't seen him in so long, I hope we can remedy that soon. We still have that picture of him and Emma sitting together.


6:16 AM  

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