Saturday, November 18, 2006

all waste the days

"they push and they shove
get on to the subway
while all barely awake"

i feel lucky
every single day of my life
that i get to do what i love
i don't have to get up at dawn every morning
or even sooner
and make the sleepy commute
in a sea of traffic
with all the other people
on their way to work
in jobs they can't stand
the lucky ones
are the ones who like what they do
a luxury
i know
so much of our lives spent
running around
chasing dollars
simply trying to survive
i've always thought there was more to life than that
a grand notion
but maybe a bit naive too?
it's an impossibly hard thing to avoid
especially after you've had children

"we feed in to line, the glare of the sun shines
in to our dull eyes"

this was one of the last songs recorded for noise
i almost left it off
even though it was one of my favorites
i thought it might belong on another record instead
i'm glad i backed out of that decision
i think it's a nice break from the d songs
sonically it's one of my faves
steve duncan's atmospheric guitar still sends me to that
chilly dawn commute
another nice piece of aural painting from the band
this was "single #2" off of noise
in my own mind
if nowhere else


Blogger Centuryhouse said...

It's funny - 7 years ago, I wanted to do exactly what you are doing now. I was shopping for a building to setup as a pro studio, and wanted to find a partner & to record others and work on my own music full time. Thanks to a divorce & losing everything I had, I ended up living in a car and having to go for a 'real' job instead to get back on my feet. Luck of the draw I guess.

It's good that you have figured out a way to do what you love each day, it's a rare thing and a blessing even if it is still hard work.

Imagine if you were working an 8am-6pm job in some office, then coming home just in time to put your child to bed, and had no place to play or studio to record in unless you paid for one on some weekend when the family didn't need you. That would affect the output, eh?

Enjoy your blessings: music, a job you are good at and like, health & a wonderful family. You've lucked into having them AND worked incredibly hard to get them. It's a good thing you have going, and you are doing some great things with it.

10:03 PM  

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