Friday, November 17, 2006

no guarantee

after gavin's operation
jayme and i had a rare "date night"
we went for the usual frivolous lighthearted fun
"21 grams"
a movie about a mother who loses who her 2 daughters
and husband
to a drunk driver
it's a heavy heavy movie
and particularly heavy for parents
who've been dealing with thoughts of losing their child
we cried and cried
and cried
and cried
and then went home to our baby
and cried some more
it was actually kind of darkly comedic to us
at the time
we laughed some in the middle of crying
because we knew we were so lucky
as it was post-operation
and he had made it ok
it's now a funny little memory of mine

"no guarantee"
makes me think of that experience
for being a song with such a dark subject matter
it was actually a pleasure to record
even fun
john d. and jason g.
my favorite rhythm section
laid down a simple
but very effective groove
lindsay g. brought his pedals
and made some beautiful noise
richard played a great abstract piano solo
paul averitt made my guitar solo idea at the end sound
even better
(very s. fellows too)
they all helped create the chilly
a nice piece of aural painting
that transports the listener to early morning
just past dawn
a car speeding through the icy suburban streets

"it happens in an instant
the clouds swallow the sky
a fraction of a second
less than it takes to say

this section (the bridge)
nods very slightly in the direction of an obscure favorite of mine
the comsat angels
in particular
fiction era comsats
faris once said about this track
"you're the first person who found a way
to run the comsats into the beatles"
i took that as a compliment

there are no guarantees in this life
such an obvious thing
we all know it
it doesn't take a genius to state the obvious
but i had to remind myself with this song

"think of your home – it could be the last time"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it happens in an instant
the clouds swallow the sky
a fraction of a second
less than it takes to say goodbye"
Great lines. I never got a chance to say goodbye. It was over before I even found out. I heard the shot, I heard the instant of my son's death. But I didn't know what it was until later. An instant I'll never forget. I still hear it everyday, often many times a day. Sometimes it's an unintended word, an unrelated thought, something I see, and I hear it. Whenever I hear a car backfire, someone drop a book, gunfire in a movie. I guess I always will. Some events completely change the direction of your life, your outlook on life. I often wonder who I'd be, what I'd be if it hadn't happened. Never miss an opportunity to tell Gavin how much you love him. I missed so many opportunites. And now they're gone. And he's gone. Think of your home, think of your loved ones, it could be the last time. Walking into his bedroom carrying a pizza and a Pepsi. The last time.

6:43 AM  

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