Monday, October 23, 2006


we're working on gavin right now
trying to potty train him
he's stubbornly clinging on to this last vestige of babydom
he has a wall of robots he can't have until he makes number 2
he loves robots
he wants them really badly
he makes us pick him up at least 4 times a day
to gaze at their splendor
and suggest that it would be fun if we took one down from the shelf
or maybe just touched one
no touching the pottybots until he does the deed!!
he went for the first time a couple of days ago
oh boy it was exciting
we clapped
and danced
and jumped up and down
and then he scampered over to the bookshelf
to pick out his special new robot friend
he was very excited!!
who would be the lucky robot?
it was easy
gavie took all but a split second to decide
"that one dada!!!"
he pointed to a fancy green fella with a solemn face
very similar to ringo the orange robot
but smaller
kinda like a green ringo "mini-me"
after he picked out his new friend we asked him to give him a name
"this is GUNTHER dada" he said very seriously
as if it were obvious

the name has stuck
gunther is gavin's favorite new robot friend
he joins
suki ball
the before mentioned ringo the orange robot
and mommy robot
he never once has changed or forgotten a name
after christening them

i thought you might like to know...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

any chance he might name one "Lousy"?

11:02 AM  
Blogger postmastabiotch said...

you should get a robot toilet that opens its mouth for G to poopoo in.

tell G archimedes says hello

12:12 PM  
Blogger Centuryhouse said...

Salim, we are there too!

Emma is just adamant that she will not be pottie trained. We're trying incentives, but...

Good luck on yours - wish us luck too!

BTW - did you know we are due for another child in May?? We found out about 3 weeks ago. Unexpected - the pill failed us! :-/


5:45 PM  

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